Lifestyle Options

Computer Lenses: The human vision system is not designed for long hours of computer viewing. Display images are made up of pixels—tiny dots of light on which our eyes cannot focus accurately. The typical symptoms of a computer-user include:

• Eyestrain

• Headaches

• Slow focusing

• Tired, burning eyes

• Neck and shoulder pain • Blurred vision at distance

With these lenses you can see everything within your computer workspace clearly, out to a distance of several feet. Your best, clearest, biggest focus area is right where you need it to be, on your computer screen and closer. Not just for the computer but for anyone who does close work within 18" such as artists, musicians, crafts persons and so on.

Office or Business Lenses: These are computer lenses with a larger zone at the top to allow clear vision within about 10 feet. This feature offers flexibility in seeing beyond your computer and while walking around the room.

Sports Glasses: All sorts of special lens designs and colors are available for the needs of specific outdoor activities. Polycarbonate is the material of choice for active sports. Polarized sun lenses that eliminate reflected glare are especially appropriate outdoors. Sport lenses come in a range of specialized tints for golf, tennis, water sports, hunting, etc.