Our Lenses

Spectacle Lenses

Dr. Smith prides himself as a vision problem solver. Despite the importance of excellence in primary medical eye care, what the majority of patients he encounters need is optimized vision through the best prescribing knowledge of optical technology. This knowledge is only acquired with years of hands on experience.

In our new era of lens design technology there are many different types of outstanding specialized lenses, a growing number of lens materials, and many lens coatings and tints to enhance comfort, protection, and glare reduction. Dr. Smith will prescribe the best combination for your eyes after your thorough examination.

Many of our patients now wear the new and much improved HD progressive lenses. They offer a wide low-distortion distance zone and ergonomically designed near zone for clear vision and comfortable visual performance. They can even be custom fit to provide a much wider intermediate zone that enhance computer use.

For sunglasses, Dr. Smith is also prescribing the latest new lens offerings including the wrap-frame optimized Shamir Attitude, which uses new technology to provide an exceptionally wide vision zone for the new generation of high curvature sports frames. Visit our optical staff and ask how this advance can benefit you.